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  3. Let's go on an adventure! Kasumigaura City, Ibaraki-ken, Japan


Let's go on an adventure! Kasumigaura City, Ibaraki-ken, Japan

Let's go on an adventure!    Kasumigaura City, Ibaraki-ken, Japan

Let's go on an adventure!    Kasumigaura City, Ibaraki-ken, Japan (Refreshing! Cycling. Exquisite! Shabu Shabu. First Experience! Fruits picking.)

Two tourists visit Kasumigaura City.Cycling while watching large Lake Kasumigaura and lotus roots field spreading all over.They visit a local restaurant and enjoy a delicious hot pot ,Shabu Shabu, pork grown with lotus roots.They have changed into kimono.Green tea “Matcha” and Japanese sweets “Wagashi” that are served at the Japanese atmosphereful private houses are exceptional.Here is a history museum in the shape of a castle. They touch the history and culture in Kasumigaura City.Hobikisen is a quite unusual boat they’ve never seen before. A brave figure that spreads a large white sail is a unique characteristic of Lake Kasumigaura.Taking a lot of photos with excitement.They are heading for Satoyama, which is village-vicinity, with a bike.As they go through the temple gate, a lot of unique and pretty stone statues are greeting them there, in the precincts.Great experience of persimmon picking at the foot of the mountain, tasting quite freshment and sweet.From the view point , Yukiiri Fureaino Sato Park, half way up a mountain, you can see the whole city around. From Mitsuishi Forest Park, the fantastic scenery surrounded by the sea of clouds spreads.While running the bicycle, they are thinking back some enjoyable events today.

さあ冒険の旅にでよう!  日本国茨城県かすみがうら市 (爽快!サイクリング  絶品!しゃぶしゃぶ  初体験!くだもの狩り)

かすみがうら市を訪れた二人。 大きく広がる霞ヶ浦や一面に広がる蓮根畑を眺めながらのサイクリング。 訪れたレストランでは、レンコン豚のしゃぶしゃぶなどの絶品料理を楽しみます。 着物に着替えた二人。 日本の風情ある民家園でいただく抹茶と和菓子は格別。 お城の形をした歴史博物館。館内では本市の歴史や文化に触れます。 初めて見る帆引き船。大きな白い帆を広げて進む勇壮な姿は、霞ヶ浦ならではの風物詩。 興奮気味にカメラのシャッターを切ります。 里山目指して自転車を走らせる二人。 お寺の山門をくぐると、境内にはたくさんのユニークでかわいらしい石像がお出迎え。 山のふもとでは柿狩りを体験。取れ立てを食し頬を緩ませます。 山の中腹にある雪入ふれあいの里公園から眼下を望めば、本市を一望。 三ツ石森林公園からは雲海につつまれた幻想的な景色が広がります。 自転車を走らせながら、これまでの楽しかった出来事を振り返ります。

Kasumigaura City 【かすみがうら市】

Kasumigaura City is a garden city about 70 km away from the capital city Tokyo, about 30 km from the prefectural capital Mito City, about 10 km from Tsukuba Science City. Also it’s located 10 km away from Ibaraki airport. Kasumigaura City is conveniently located in terms of public transportation with the JR Joban Line, Chiyoda-Ishioka IC of Joban Expressway, Route 6, and Route 354. Kasumigaura City is famous for its fruits and aquatic products from Lake Kasumigaura.

かすみがうら市は、首都東京へ約70km、県都水戸市へ約30km、筑波研究学園都市へ約10km、茨城空港へ約10 kmの距離に位置しています。JR常磐線をはじめ、常磐自動車道の千代田石岡インターチェンジや国道6号、国道354号を有するなど、立地条件に恵まれた田園都市です。温暖な気候と豊かな自然環境を生かし、果樹に代表される農産物や霞ヶ浦の水産物などの産地として知られています。 

[Kasumigaura Tourist Association (かすみがうら市観光協会)] http://www.kasumigaura-kankou.jp/

Kasumi Kitchen 【かすみキッチン】

Providing a menu that makes use of the products of Kasumigaura with the concept of locally produced cuisine and healthy.


[HP] http://kasumigaura.miraidukuri.jp/

Chouzenji Temple(Ayumizaki Kannon) 【長禅寺[歩崎観音]】

It is in the hill which wants Kasumigaura. The view from the observation deck in the precincts is a view that is suitable for one hundred sceneries of Ibaraki.


[Map] http://www.kasumigaura-kankou.jp/map.php?code=70

Ayumi An / Minka En 【あゆみ庵・民家園】

Ayumi An is a Sukiya style building with a tea room and a sitting room. Guests can enjoy matcha (powdered green tea) served by volunteer staff. Minka En was built during the Edo period and dismantled and transferred from another site.


[Map] http://www.city.kasumigaura.ibaraki.jp/map.php?code=62

History museum 【歴史博物館】

The building of the History museum is inspired by a three-story castle. It is the symbol of Ayumizaki Park. There are artifacts and panels that tell the history of the city.


[History museum] http://edu.city.kasumigaura.ibaraki.jp/shiryokan/

[Map] http://www.city.kasumigaura.ibaraki.jp/map.php?code=38

Hobikisen for tourists 【霞ヶ浦観光帆引き船】

Hobikisens dominated fishery practices as the main fishing method in Kasumigaura. Hobikisens currently operate as tourist attractions. The dignified figure of sailing ships with large white sails is a seasonal event unique to Kasumigaura.


Fujimitsuka Tomb Mound Park 【富士見塚古墳公園】

This is a circular-shaped ancient tomb with a rectangular frontage presumably constructed in the early 6th century. Mt.Fuji is visible from the top of the tomb on a clear sunny day.


[Map] http://www.city.kasumigaura.ibaraki.jp/map.php?code=60

Choukouji Temple 【長興寺】

The main hall and the mountain gate are Kasumigaura designated cultural properties. There are many stone Buddha in the precincts called Five Hundred Han Dynasties.


[Map] http://www.kasumigaura-kankou.jp/map.php?code=71

Fruit picking 【果物狩り】

People can enjoy picking fruits in the tourist orchards in Kasumigaura throughout the year. There are many types of fruits, including the famous pears, chestnuts, grapes (Kyoho grape), persimmons, strawberries, and blueberries. Please enjoy the seasonal flavors of Kasumigaura.


[Information] http://www.city.kasumigaura.ibaraki.jp/page/page000252.html

Yukiiri Fureaino Sato Park 【雪入ふれあいの里公園】

This park is built using the terrain of Mt.Yukiiri. People can experience and learn about nature.


  [Yukiiri Fureaino Sato Park] http://www.yukiiri.jp/

[Blog] http://yukiirinc.blog.fc2.com/

[Map] http://www.city.kasumigaura.ibaraki.jp/map.php?code=145

Mitsuishi Forest Park 【三ツ石森林公園】

People can enjoy lush nature in this park. There is a walking path to enjoy the flowers of different seasons.


[Map] http://www.city.kasumigaura.ibaraki.jp/map.php?code=146