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Member List

Member List

Adachi Electronic Manufacturing Ishizuka Jimuki Ibaraki Kasumigaura Farmer’s Leisure Group
Ibaraki Chiyoda Agriculture Union Imai, Shizuo Irie Koei
Enjyouji Farm Ota Auto Chemical Industries
Onuma Marine Products Olix Golf Management Kaizuka Chuuzaburo
Kaizuka, Masao Kasumigaura Northern Bay Marine Product Manufacturers Union - Kasumigaura Branch Kasumigaura City Fisherman’s Union
Kasumigaura City Foreman’s Association Kasumigaura City Builder’s Association Kasumigaura City Department of Trade and Commerce
Kasumigaura City Labor Union Kasumigaura City Products Association Kasumigaura Cloth Sailboat Festival Committee
Kasumigaura City Elder’s Club Development Center and Produce Sales Store Kanto Tsukuba Bank - Chiyoda Branch
Kuriyama, Michiko Komatsuzaki, Yonosuke Koyama Group
Saka Farm Sakamoto Store Home Facilities Sakurai Petroleum
Sakurai Grape Orchard Sasano, Hiroshi Shiundo
Shibaura Sharing - Tsuchiura Department Joyo Bank - Kandatsu Branch Shinei Electronics
Shinko North Shindo Sugawara, Sho
Kasumigaura Produce Store Segovia Golf Club in Chiyoda Senwa
Takiron - Tokyo Factory Chiyoda Sanitation Chiyoda Fruit Tree Tourism Association
Chiyoda Farming and Agriculture Union Chiyoda Country Club Tsuchiura Farmer’s Union
Tsuru Sightseeing Tsuru Sightseeing Bus Dewaya
Totsuka Farm Nara Inn Nishikawa Electric
Hisamatsu Tetsuo Shoten Fuji Industrial Arts Furusato Dejima no Kai
Hokuto Equipment Industries Hosono, Nobuko Cloth Sail Boat Operators
Maejima Industrial Mag - Tsukuba Factory, Tsuchiura Plant Yamaguchiya Inn
Ryu Business Corporation Ryuchan - tei

(titles omitted, no particular order)

Seeking Tourist Association Members!

The city of Kasumigaura is proud to be recognized as one of the country's most prominent contributors of quality agricultural and fishery products, along with being famous for its fruit trees and fantastic renkon (lotus root). The region is home to an abundance of historical cultural properties and traditional arts and entertainment. The city also holds numerous festivities including the Sightseeing Cloth Sailboats, Ayumi Festival, Kasumigaura Festival and a variety of other splendid sightseeing spectacles.
The Kasumigaura Tourist Association was originally founded back in April of 2005 and continues to thrive strongly to this day, holding tightly to the goal of further developing the city through the active promotion and preservation of valuable tourism enterprises and resources.
Through the dedication of the association moving forward, the city aims to further develop the tourism industry and utilize its natural tourism resources with the help of its citizens, promoting those related organizations and the culture derived from the hard work and cooperation of the agricultural, fishing and commercial industries.
We are looking forward to cooperating with each and every one of you as the newest members of the association!

Those who see eye-to-eye with the goals of the association and are willing to aid in the pursuit of those enterprises.
Membership Fee
・Standard Member (individual member)     2,000 yen (1 unit)
・Special Member (group or organization)   6,000 yen (3 units)
How to Register
Fill out the “Kasumigaura City Tourist Association Registration Form” and mail it together along with the appropriate application fee to the Kasumigaura City Tourist Association Bureau.

※Kasumigaura City Tourist Association Registration Form (individual or group)【PDF】
Kasumigaura City Tourist Association
(Kasumigaura City Hall-Kasumigaura Government Offices Tourism Trade and Commerce Dept.)
TEL: 029-897-1111


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