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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Kasumigaura City Tourist Association (referred to below as The Association) places the utmost importance on respect for the privacy of those users who access the Kasumigaura City Tourist Association home page (referred to below as The Site). The Association agrees to observe and follow in accordance with the standard agreement as outlined below regarding the gathering, usage and protection of any and all personal information contributed by users on The Site.

The Handling and Protection of Personal Information

The Site takes maximum precautionary measures with regards to privacy protection. This privacy applies to all cases related to readers when making use of The Site. Under no circumstance will any personal information be lent out or made public in any way with regards to any and all content related to or represented on The Site.

Regarding Copyrighted Material

As part of standard copyright regulation, legal ownership of any and all images, written works, and all other content presented on The Site will become property of The Association.
However, should cases where portions of written works commissioned by The Sight in order to be created for use on The Site by those outside of The Association exist, ownership of the corresponding copyrighted material falling under that category is considered to be property of the creator(s).
For visitors of The Site, the downloading and printing of content from The Site in order to “reference” or engage in “personal use” of the material is permitted by copyright law. However, we ask that you refrain from acts of transferring content to another website or print media, as well as reproducing or translating material which falls under that category of property of The Site, as such acts are against the law and strictly prohibited without formal authorization.

Links and Security

As part of the active pursuit of managing the safety of The Site, The Association is engaging in the most appropriate measures regarding the protection against both physical and electronic leaks of personal information and unauthorized access of The Site and its related content. While users may feel free to link to The Site, as part of regulation, we ask that you post links to the top page using the following address. (http://www.city.kasumigaura.ibaraki.jp /kasumi_kankou/) We also request that those users wishing to post a banner make use of the one provided below.